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Established in 1988, ADITHI is a non-profit making women’s organization working for the socio-economic development and empowerment of resource-poor and resource-less women and girl children through awareness generation, leadership development, livelihood and income generating programs and developing replicable models and organizational methods for fostering the same. During its 32+-yr long journey, Adithi has, simultaneously, evolved to address various issues plaguing the society, thus growing to touch a slew of comprehensive set of themes for, practically, every section of the society in a women and girl children-centric way. Headquartered at Patna, Adithi has implemented its one or another activity over more than 8,000 villages of 23 Districts of Bihar, Jharkhand and Uttar Pradesh, impacting the lives of approximately, more than 8 million persons.


While Ms. Viji Srinivasan and Dr. R.J. Rao were developing Andhra Pradesh Dairy Development Cooperative Federation’s women’s dairying programme in Chittoor district of A.P., Mr. Ganesh Prasad Singh, was assisting Viji in implementing a tasar silk programme through another organization in Bihar , they all working for rural women’s empowerment , had experiences wide and varied. These persons, who were later called the Resource Persons in Adithi, felt the need for setting up a new professional, progressive, democratic, voluntary organization. And thus, Adithi was registered on the 11 th May, 1988 and with that started a saga of progress that turned a new chapter in the history of the voluntary sector in Bihar.


ADITHI is set up to enable the empowerment of vulnerable communities through economic and social development focusing on women and girl children to eliminate violence, discrimination and exploitation.


ADITHI envisions a society with a participatory culture, where women have rights over their lives, where they enjoy equal participation in decision making and where every woman is treated with dignity and equality.

Meet Our Team


Viji Srinivasan

Executive Secretary

Asita Maldahiyar

Treasurer and Project Incharge

Manasi Samaddar


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Adithi Intro


Legal status of Organization Registered under The Societies Registration Act 21 of 1860
Registration number 51
Date of registration 11th May, 1988
FCRA registration number No.:031170047, 1990 Under the FCRA, 1976.
FCRA registration date 27th July, 1990
FCRA registration renewal date 3rd August, 2016
FCRA registration valid till 31st October, 2021
NGO Darpan Unique Id BR/2009/0001063
12 A registration number 150/4250-54/ Dated 17 September 1990
80 G registration number Letter under IT Act,1961 80G -No- 642-45/ Dated 5 June 2008

Organisational structure

ADITHI has a General Body consisting of seven Founder Members, who are all women, that meets at least twice a year. There is a Governing Body that is responsible for carrying out various activities of the organization. This Committee meets, at least, once in a quarter to take decisions on the organizational matters. The Executive Secretary is the chief functionary of the organisation.

Ataff Strenght No. of Persons Gender
Full Time 84 Female: 89
Part Time 66 Male: 61
Total 150


Adithi is affiliated to following networks / forums:

International Level:

  • HWW (Home-based Workers Worldwide)
  • NAWO (National Alliance of Women’s Organisation)

National Level:

  • NASVI (National Association of Street Vendors of India)

State Level:

  • Viswash (Bihar Network on Water, Sanitation & Hygiene)
  • Bihar Forces
  • SCOVA (Standing Committee on Voluntary Agencies)
  • ATSEC (Action Against Trafficking & Sexual Exploitation of Children)
  • CBATN (Cross Border Anti Trafficking Network) Bihar State Chapter
  • HLN (Human Liberty Network)
  • CCHT (Collective Coalition against Human Trafficking)
  • Mission DRR (Disaster Risk Reduction)
  • Forum of Women Leaders

District level

  • District level POSH Committee, Siwan
  • District Child protection unit (DCPU) Siwan POSH Committee, Siwan
  • District Child protection committee- Siwan & Sitamarhi
  • District health society- Sitamarhi
  • District Rogi kalyan samittee- Sitamarhi
  • District PCPNDT committee- Sitamarhi
  • District level AHTU, Sitamarhi, and Siwan
  • Block level CWPCs: 2 blocks in Siwan, 2 blocks in Gopalganj, and 2 blocks in Sitamarhi
  • 10 Panchayat level CWPCs in Siwan & Gopalganj
  • District task force & Dhawa Dal (child labour) Gopalganj & Sitamarhi
  • District court- POSH committee - Sitamarhi
  • District level Jeevika POSH committee- Sitamarhi
  • DLSA disaster committee- Sitamarhi

Acclamations & awards

ADITHI’s work and her impact on the living conditions of deprived women has not gone unnoticed. We are encouraged with following awards and honours.

Name of the Award Year Thematic Area
National Award for Women's Development through Application of Science & Technology 2001 In recognition of the contribution of Viji Srinivasan, the then MD of Adithi, to Empowerment of Women at grassroots level though sustainable SC & tech intervention by Science & Society Division, Department of Science & Technology, Government of India
The Crusader Trophy as Indira Appreciation Memento 2001 2001 To Late Viji Srinivasan, the then MD of Adithi, by Indira Ghansham Mirchandani Service Centre
3rd Sarda Equal Opportunities Award 2002 To Late Viji Srinivasan, the then MD of Adithi, for her outstanding contribution towards the improvement of women and backward classes in Patna (Bihar).
National Commission For Women Award 2002 To Adithi for outstanding contribution for promoting the cause of women
Millennium Roll of Honour 2002 By YWCA of India to Late Viji Srinivasan, the then MD of Adithi, in recognition of her outstanding public service and dedication to the ideals of volunteerism

<h2> Working Areas</h2>

Working Areas

Geographical areas

  • During its organizational history, Adithi has worked, in different periods, in several sets of the following districts:
  • Bihar (West Champaran, East Champaran, Gopalganj, Siwan, Sitamarhi, Sheohar, Muzaffarpur, Vaishali, Madhubani, Darbhanga, Samastipur, Supaul, Katihar, Madhepura, Patna, Jehanabad, Gaya, and Nalanda districts)
  • Jharkhand (Sahebganj, Deoghar, Dumka and East Singhbhum districts)
  • Uttar Pradesh (Varanasi District)
  • For the smooth running of its different programs and projects, Adithi believes in the process of decentralization. As such, besides our head office at Patna, we have got, at present, 7 projects offices spread over different field areas, in close proximities to the projects target areas.

Working Areas

Thematic areas We have, so far, worked in the following thematic areas:

  • Sponsorship of Adolescent Girl Children, Child Protection, Health, Innovative Education, Women Development, Water and Sanitation, Disaster Risk Reduction, Watershed Management, Livelihood & Income Generation, Issue Based Activities like Female Infanticide, Feticide, Child Marriage, Women and Children in Difficult Circumstances (Red Light Area), Panchayati Raj, Combating Modern Slavery, Street Vendors, etc.

<h2>Working Areas</h2>

Our Reach

S.N. Name of District No. of Villages (Rounded off) Population (Approx.) Description of Programmes (Past & Present)
1 Muzaffarpur 1,000 & Urban Areas 8,00,000 Child Sponsorship, Health, Education, Livelihood, Flood Disaster Preparedness, Relief & Rehabilitation Programmes, HIV, Kopal Project, RCH, Water & Sanitation, Skill Promotion, Micro Finance, Panchayati Raj training, Combating Trafficking, Migration, Street Vendors
2 Samastipur 100 1,50,000 Health, Education, Livelihood, Flood Disaster Preparedness, Relief & Rehabilitation Programmes, HIV, Kopal project
3 Sitamarhi 150 10,00,000 Health, Education, Livelihood, Flood Disaster Preparedness, Relief & Rehabilitation Programmes, LWS/HIV, Kopal project, Child Sponsorship, Panchayati Raj training, Combating Trafficking, Combating Modern Forms of Slavery
4 Sheohar 207 3,00,000 Combating Female Feticide (Kopal Project) Combating Trafficking, Relief & Rehabilitation and Health Programme
5 East Champaran 100 2,50,000 LWS / HIV / AIDS Programme, Combating Female Feticide (WPC)
6 West Champaran 1,483 3,50,0000 Combating Female Feticide ( Kopal Project), Water & Sanitation
7 Gopalganj 10 20,000 HIV / AIDS Program, Combating Trafficking, Combating Modern Forms of Slavery
8 Siwan 10 25,000 HIV / AIDS Program, Combating Trafficking, Combating Modern Forms of Slavery
9 Vaishali 200 2,50,000 Combating Female Feticide (Kopal Project), Water & Sanitation Programmes, Livelihood Programmes, Child Sponsorship Programmes
10 Darbhanga 250 3,00,000 Combating Female Feticide (Kopal Project), Livelihood Programmes
11 Madhubani 90 1,50,000 Livelihood Programme (Fisheries, Health, Micro Finance), RCH Programmes, Panchayati Raj Training, Migration
12 Supaul 30 Relief Camps 1,50,000 Flood Relief & Rehabilitation Programme
13 Katihar 150 2,00,000 Livelihood, RCH Programme, Kopal Project
14 Patna 200 Villages & Urban Areas 4,00,000 (Rural) 5,00,000 (Urban) Health, Livelihood, Skill Promotion, Education, RCH Programme, Combating Female Feticide, Child Marriage Prevention, Water & Sanitation
15 Nalanda 150 2,00,000 Indigenous Tourism Development, Livelihood, Kopal Project
16 Jahanabad 200 2,50,000 Livelihood Promotion, RCH Programme, Health, Child Marriage Prevention, Kopal Project, Female Feticide
17 Gaya 70 1,00,000 Livelihood, RCH Programmes Skill Promotion
18 Rohtas 100 150000 Livelihood, RCH Program, HIV AIDS, Combating Female Feticide
19 Dumka 2,572 11,00,000 Education, Health, Livelihood, Water shed Management, IGNOU Centre, Tribal Women’s Land Rights, Skill Development, Tree Plantation, Water & Sanitation, Child Marriage Prevention
20 Deoghar 30 20,000 Education, Livelihood & Tree Plantation
21 Sahebganj 1,266 10,00,000 Livelihood, Education & Tree Plantation, Women’s Land Rights, Water & Sanitation
22 East Singhbhum Jamshedpur Municipal Area 12,000 Street Vendors
23 Varanasi Varanasi Municipal Area 25,000 Street Vendors
Total 23 Districts 8018 villages & Urban Areas 8 million (approx)