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Viji Srinivasan

ADITHI was never her organisation it was always OURS and though almost all the women who started with ADITHI in 1988 have their own organisations are still proud to be known as ADITHI women. She encouraged, nurtured and nourished their talents and made them realise their own potential. Today they are leading forces in the state with strong independent organisations in the field of development. They carry the name of their new organisations but all of them are proud of their legacy – being ADITHI women. Each one of them has a story to tell about Viji and how she brought a change in their lives. Viji is not there physically but as a Guiding Star she will always be with us forever.
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Asita Maldahiyar

Executive Secretary
B.Sc., PGDRM, LL.B Asita Maldahiyar, 54, has been in the development sector for the last 32 years with wide ranging exposures in a variety of projects and programs connected to various aspects of resource-less and resource-poor women’s socio-economic empowerment. Besides having participated in Entrepreneurship and Management Development Training Program Organized by Durham University Business School – Durham (UK) as well as NIPCCD (Delhi) in 1997 and Multi Regional International Visitor Project in respect of Trafficking of Women and Children in USA in 2002, she has also been a Packard Foundation scholarship recipient under Visionary Leadership Program.
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Manasi Samaddar

Treasurer and Project Incharge
Ms. Manasi Samaddar, 61 has been with Adithi from the very outset and now she completes 35 years of a vastly rich work, experience and expertise in practically every field of women’s development, particularly in working for women and adolescent girls in bondage and distressed conditions. She has also been an accomplished trainer who has herself undergone extensive training in varied spheres. Ms. Samaddar has been a Packard Foundation scholarship recipient under the Visionary Leadership Program.
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Parinita Kumari

Project Incharge
Ms. Parinita Kumari, 67, has been with Adithi from its inception (35+ years) and has successfully led many projects and programs for resource-less and resource-poor women and adolescent girls as well as children in distress conditions for it. She has enriched her developmental career with wide and varied experiences and expertise. Like her other two colleagues, she is also a Packard Foundation scholarship recipient under Visionary Leadership Program.
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Vijay Nandan Singh

Documentation Incharge
Mr. Vijay Nandan Singh, 70, has been in the development sector for the last 31 years, working on Women’s as well as Reproductive & Child Health issues. A trained and experienced trainer in various women’s, adolescents’ and health issues, he has got experience in documentation in English as well as in Hindi.
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Manoranjan Kumar

Chief Accountant
Manoranjan Prasad, 54, has been in Adithi for the last 30 years working, mainly, in its Accounts section. Subsequently, he rose to be its Chief Accountant and is adept in computerised accounts keeping.
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Rohit Singh

Technical Expert Child Protection strengthening
Mr Singh is a social worker by profession and trainer by passion. He has rich experience of 12+ years in Program Implementation and training & capacity building. He has been associated with the ADITHI for more than 06 years now. During his tenure, he has worked in various capacities under Networking and Programmes team. He is also actively involved in Organisational Development, Technology adoption and communication of the organisation. Presently, he is contributing in the KAWACH project in the capacity of Technical Expert Child Protection strengthening.